Your ProfileLogin/Logout - When you need to log out you can do so by opening 'MY HOME', which is your space to see your profile, courses etc. To open click on the triangle next to your username in the top right of the Fairbanks e-Learning site. This area will evolve in the future and give you access to more tools as we develop your 'Home'.

Where are my Courses?

Where are my courses?
On your Home Page, below the Courses Header you will see a list of all courses that you are enrolled on. You can also got to MY HOME to see a list of all your courses. If you find that some of your courses are not showing or incorrect please inform your Wetstock Analyst or Business Development Manager who will be able to help.

Navigation of Courses

Course Overview and Naviagtion
1. Topic Outline - A brief introduction the course and what you will be looking at.
2. Special Player Control Instructions - Sometimes your course will have special player controls and how to use them effectively.
3. Courses - Each course will have a description and a link to start the course.

Starting a Course

Starting Your Course
1. Course Name
2. Start your course - Hit enter to get going.
3. Pop-Up - If you have clicked enter to start your course but nothing is happening then check to make sure your web browser is not blocking it from opening, this is called a pop-up blocker, once you allow it to open pop-ups from Fairbanks e-Learning you should not see it again. If you are having any more problems then please let us know.

Player Navigation

Player Controls
1. Attatchments - If there are any supporting documents they can be found here.
2. Notes - This will allow you to read the narration if needed.
3. Player Controls - The player will prompt you when it is time to advance by flashing, you can also re-wind to look at previous screens.
4. Volume Control - You adjust the volume to a comfortable level. (please note not all units feature sound, there will be a notification if audio is available with the course).
5. Extra Controls - Some units will feature special controls to move through the information on screen, simply follow any prompts when you are ready to continue.

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